Some people say it's hard to work with family, but not so with this mother and daughter duo. They enjoy working together at events small and big, all year long. 
Suprisingly, both women love science and are facinated with cause and effect. They are also both problem solvers, which is how this business came about. Vanessa was developing bath bombs of her own and Lonnie was getting involed with soap making. 
With Lonnie being a nurse for over 20 years, she wanted a way to help and bring relief to people who have skin conditions. This is how her soap line was developed.
Vanessa wanted to create a bath bomb line that allowed customers to be able to relax and improve skin texture for the better.
They both have a common goal for the business which is to ignite the senses through sight, touch and  smell for the customer experience. And also, that there be a positive outcome when using either soaps, bath bombs or body butters. 


  1. I bought the Bath Bomb Wishes for my son and he just loves them. He makes a wish and throws one in the tub. It is a lot of fun for kids.
    Elaine J.
  2. When I use the bath bombs my skin feels so soft for days! I love the smell of them too.
    Olga S.
    School District
  3. I use the body butter mainly for my cuticles. It keeps them from splitting and bleeding.